happy, happy day.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Anna Baker! I miss her so stinking much! I go to school near Philadelphia, Pa and she's at school all the way in Minnesota! We are divided by many, many miles but luckily that does not mean I can't celebrate her birthday!

So, welcome to Anna's Birthday Blog Takeover! If you're reading this, then welcome to the party! Have a slice of virtual cake and leave a birthday wish for Anna below :)

While we party, I just want to take a gander at some gems that are a crucial part to Anna and I's friendship. Milestones, if you will.

First, Middle School. Weren't we just the bee's knees? Such blossoming flowers.

Anna this was when we first started hanging out. I'll be completely honest, you intimidated me. You came from a beautiful, talented family and I wasn't sure if we'd get along. But we clicked instantly and have been friends for almost 8 years! Wow!
Then the goofiness of high school and youth group rolled around! Anna, you always make me laugh and I always have a good time with you. I don't think we've ever fought and whether that is a result of the distance, or we're just so wonderful ;) I am glad of it. You always bring joy to whatever situation you're in, whether its through smiles, laughter, or just good memories. 
Before I left for college!

Then came my first year of college, and the Christmas party. I had so much fun! It was so refreshing to see you and spend time with you. Your hugs always make me feel better and I was so happy that we got to hang out that day. 

And then the NEXT year (2012) at my Christmas party :) We're good Christmas friends. Is that a thing? We should make it a thing.
Am I boring you all? Help yourselves to some more cake. And don't forget those birthday comments, people! She deserves to feel the love all the way in Minnesota! 

I hope you have a superb birthday Anna! I miss you and I love you oh, so much! Don't ever forget about that. You've got a friend supporting you and cheering you on all the way down in PA. Can't wait to see you over Christmas Break dear!

P.S. Here's your birthday gift:

Just some songs that I thought you might like that I've happened upon within the past couple of months. Enjoy!


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