sunshine blessings.

Summer has finally come to an end. It'll be okay, though. (wipes tears) I'm all moved in back at Valley Forge Christian College and I'm ready to start my Junior year! I cannot believe that I am already starting year 3 here! Wow.
I was unpacking and began to think about my summer and, while mostly uneventful, I have a few blessings that I thank God for. I decided to dedicate this post to the blessings that I had this summer: friends, family, sunshine, vacations, and the like.

lots of time spent with kimberly.

going to the boardwalk//visiting kat.
bonding with nate and ava.

spending time with betsy.

a mini vacation to dc when mark came home.

ferris wheels.

being goofy with nick.
a new kitten friend.

getting starbucks with allana.

barnyard weddings.

mini golf with some of my small group girls.

seeing anna's joyful face.

janna's birthday and fanciness.

ice cream bliss.

shopping and cupcakes with alex & grace.
arriving to campus.
I am so blessed and I just want to shout about it! Woo! :)
I cannot wait to see what this year has in store!


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