A Birthday.

Yesterday was my twentieth birthday, and boy was it lovely!
I got to spend half the day with my family and the other half with friends and I smiled the whole time! Early in day, my mom and Ava and Nathanael and I drove to the Philadelphia Outlets and went shopping, then we got sushi for lunch, and went to Wegman's. (It sounds like an ordinary afternoon, but I loved it!) 
I bought a few succulents to start my little garden (check that off the bucket list) and I also got a raspberry cream puff which was oh-so-yummy!

Later, I met up with some of my dearest friends for dinner at Olive Garden and we really enjoyed catching up and chatting the night away.

Olive Garden!

Afterwards, Kimi and I went out for ice cream and I wrapped the day up with a phone call from Mark and a heart full of love. I am so blessed!

And an extra birthday treat, a free Starbucks drink and time to blog!


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