Record Store Day!

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity of going to Princeton, NJ with a few of my friends to have a little fun on Record Store Day! I had an awesome time and ended the day with two great finds.
My friend Andrew, who runs, my friend Matt, a genius when it comes to popular and underground music groups, Mattis (he climbs mountains), Dane (the one who keeps things cool), and Mark, the love of my life, were a part of that awesome day. We went to Princeton Record Exchange in New Jersey, and then to this little place called Tunes on our way back to Philly. Matt was on the search for the OST to Nicolas Winding Refn's film, Drive pressed on to double LP picture-disc vinyl, 
and unfortunately there was a mess up that it wasn't released :( He did get some music though, and Andrew got the new Phoenix album, Bankrupt!, before it was released! Yay Record Store Day!!
Driving to Matt's house with my best friend :)

Princeton Record Exchange


Driving through Philly!

And last but certainly not least, I got two great records. One is Paul Simon's Graceland and the other is a two record set of Johnny Cash's greatest hits. Now, all I need is my own record player and I'm good to go. What a fantastic start to my week! 


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