Mint and Gold Nails

I just did my nails and I love them so much, I decided to share it with you! Below are the directions to do your nails with two of my favorite colors, mint green and gold.  
{Perfect for holiday parties or dressing up an ordinary outfit!}

Step 1: Find a good movie to watch while painting your nails.

Step 2: Gather two colors that you like (I chose mint and gold) and get some tape. (I used masking tape but scotch tape works too.)

Step 3: Paint your base coat color and let dry.  Then paint a second coat on and let dry.

Step 4: Place the tape on the part of your nail that you want to keep the base color and paint the design coat onto the exposed nail. (I just made slanted tips.)

Step 5: Let dry and remove tape.

Step 6: Admire!

Hope you girls have fun!


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