Giving Thanks.

I love Thanksgiving Break!
I get to see my family and friends who I haven't seen in a few months because I am away at school.  This year, Thanksgiving dinner was small at my step-dad's parents house.  There were 8 adults and my 2 little siblings.  Mark also was there and I really was glad I could spend the holiday with him as well.  After lunch, Mark and I went to his family's dinner where there were about 3 times as many people there.  It was a really great time, seeing family and friends and filling my belly with delicious homemade food! (Eating school food can really get tiring after a few weeks.)  This year, I willingly sat at the kids table because I missed Nathanael and Ava so much!  We had lots of time to giggle and listen to their stories about school.

So, with that being said, let me share the joys of my holiday with you!


Nathanael and Mark

I love this one of them!

I printed out coloring pages for them, too!
One final thing I want to say is that I really feel as if this Thanksgiving was a special one. Although my brother, Trevor, was still away at AIT training, I got to talk to him for a bit on the phone and he is doing so well that he might be able to come home for Christmas and stay home! 

Another thing that was amazing to me over break was that every single night the skies were beautiful! They were so clear and the stars were shining so brightly. I was in awe! God's creation truly has a way of reminding us how blessed we are.


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