The Orchard

My, oh my! Life sure has been busy! I want to take this time to apologize that my posts have been lacking in consistency. But here is something I am very excited to share! I went apple picking! It was so much fun :) 

I made an Italian Apple Cake, some apple muffins, and an apple tart! They were all so delicious! If you ever get the opportunity to go apple picking, I highly recommend it because it is the perfect fall Saturday activity. 
Italian Apple Cake

Leftover Baked Apples with Cinnamon on Ice Cream

We had lots to peel!

Of course, Mark was there to help me pick them and to eat the delicious goodies that his mother and I prepared later that afternoon.  The sky was beautiful that day and I couldn't help but be in awe of nature with all the beautiful colors and shades of everything!

It was just the perfect autumn day!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm guessing we pick our favorite to enter into our challenge?
    <3 Alexandrea


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