Good Morning, Baltimore!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Baltimore, Maryland for the first time with Mark and a few friends.  It was such a beautiful day and we had such a good time.  The purpose of our trip was to see MUTEMATH and Civil Twilight at Rams Head Live.  The show was phenomenal!  

Before the show, we walked around the harbor and went to get pizza for dinner.  Right outside the restaurant was a street fair and the city was full of life. We couldn't have come on a better day! 

After dinner, we walked back to the venue and I witnessed one of the greatest concerts I had ever been to.  The bands had such great energy and passion and interacted with the crowd.  There were a few obnoxious fans, but what alternative rock show doesn't attract those sorts of people? One of my favorite things that I took away from the night were my pictures.  I am so proud of the way they came out and I didn't even have to do much editing! A few black and white filters and I was done! (ok, ok enough bragging.)

So needless to say, Baltimore was simply lovely!


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