What Fun!

Now, typically because it's Monday I would do a Mint Mondays post, but I just want to quickly update everyone on whats been happening with me lately!

1. I went to Long Branch, New Jersey with two of my closest friends. We had a really great time and got some pretty nice tans... Well, more like sunburns that turned into tans, but at least we got color! We got there by way of train, and let me tell you, it was quite an adventure!


2. I had my last day of work at Chick Fil A for the summer and said goodbye to some great people. :( It was bittersweet.

3. I went to Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland with Mark and Betsy and their family. Oh, and Aj was there too! It was a lot of fun, considering I'd never been there before.  We went to the beach, walked on the boardwalk, played in the arcade, visited a few haunted houses, and got to watch part of the surfing competition at the Dew Tour! It was really neat. 

We also went to this AMAZING seafood buffet called Phillips. It was so delicious and the way it was decorated just killed me. The tables were old sewing machine tables with the cast iron pedals underneath.

I had a really great time and I am so glad that I got to have two mini vacations before going back to school! (Which I am very excited for, by the way.)  This year will be filled with progress! 

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