Joshua Tree Photo Diary - A Tiny Traveler

Joshua Tree Photo Diary

3:56 PM

June 2018 // Mark + Natalie Gettis

Last weekend, Mark and I were in California with some friends and we had such a good time! I already want to plan another trip back. I think it just might be my favorite place I've ever been. 

We did a handful of different activities and went to a few different towns, but today I just wanted to share our photos from a morning we spent hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. Its such a gorgeous place, right there in the middle of the desert. This was our second time back (the first time was on our honeymoon 2 years ago). Have you ever been?



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  1. Visiting Joshua Tree National Park is definitely on my bucket list! I don't live in the US, so it's not an easy thing to scratch of the list. But it's a big goal of mine to rent an RV and travel across the US!

  2. These photos are BEAUTIFUL and you both are AMAZING photographers I love the overal aesthetic! Iv Always wanted to visit Joshua tree now you’re giving me an incentive to do that thank you for that your post is amazing thank you for sharing

  3. What a beautiful place! It never fails to amaze me how different the landscape can be from one side of the country to the other. I'm glad you had a fun trip!

  4. So jealous! I have been dying to take a trip out to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for years now. I was hoping to go this year but not sure it'll be possible yet. The aesthetic over there is all the yes lol! I love your photos!

  5. These are so pretty!! I haven't been to Joshua Tree yet but it's definitely on my list!

  6. These photos are so pretty! I want to visit Joshua Tree so bad. I live about 3ish hours away right now so I'm hoping to visit sometime this summer :)

  7. Lovely pictures! I find this place really fascinating. Can't wait to plan a trip here soon!