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Life Lately.

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Last week I celebrated my 22nd birthday. It was a slow-paced, beautiful day and I felt so loved. I was really struggling with feeling good about myself the few days prior. My heart was hurting and I was so emotionally exhausted. To be honest, I forgot that it was my birthday until Mark texted me the night before about it. As the day unfolded God just filled my heart with peace and friends and family sent me birthday greetings full of kindness and love and it just totally warped my mood.

I began to realize that just because your head is full of thoughts and worries that people might not like you or you're not really that important, it doesn't make it true. There are a handful of people in life that I believe were put there for a reason; whether they are your kindred spirit, your family, or someone that is just meant to teach you something, they are there for a reason. Life gets messy and hard and stressful sometimes. But life can also be beautiful, and inspirational, and simple. This summer I have decided to focus on the good and look at the simple things in my life + celebrate those moments. You can follow along with me on instagram if you need some ideas (although really anything good in your life is worth celebrating, simple moment or not). To kick off this post, let me share some of my favorite moments of this summer so far.

I went for a hike with Jessica and we passed this beautiful little cottage!

I spent my Monday morning with tea, flowers, and a new magazine.

The bridal party breakfast for Brooke's wedding was delicious!

Memorial Day at the lake with some friends.

Driving around with my favorite person.

Coffee, or course, and macaroons. I have a new found love for them!
I am really starting to appreciate the little things and after a while of doing that, I can see my outlook on life changing. I can see more good and more blessings than I can when I'm complaining about something. I can start to feel like I am actually making the most of every moment when I appreciate every moment. Striving for simplicity is a journey but it is one that is growing me and changing me for the better. I'm using the hashtag #simplynatterssimplesummer on instagram to categorize all these little moments that make up a beautiful summer. And, speaking of a beautiful summer that brings me to my next "announcement!"

Betsy and I have started a hashtag for our readers and followers to join us in using. #itsabeautifulsummer is a way for us all to see one another adventures, crazy or calming moments, family fun, and summer creativity! Feel free to use the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and we'll post some of our favorites as the summer continues. Can't wait to see what you'll post :)

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