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11:03 AM

So last night was a bit of a sad one for me. I dropped Mark off at the airport because he is going to Spain! I am so excited for him and all the opportunities he's been getting lately, but man will I miss him! And I'm a tad jealous too. I mean come on, Spain? Take me with you!!

He'll be there helping a group of guys film a documentary/missions video. So not only is he privileged to travel, but it's for one of his passions! Seriously, I am so excited for him.

Thursday night he surprised me with an impromptu date in the park. I was on cloud nine!
We'd both been so busy the past couple of weeks that alone time was scarce and on top of that, I had just been in a really crummy mood with school and personal stress. It really cheered me up, reminded me how loved I am, and made the departure last night a bit easier.
It was such a perfect day!

Mark got all of my favorites. I am so blessed!
Oh, my heart is full.
I know that by Monday I'll be all weepy because I miss him, but I promised I would try my best not to cry. He's in SPAIN! What an amazing adventure. I can't wait for the days that I'll be in the seat next to him flying somewhere to have an adventure together. Who knows where we'll go?
*Crossing my fingers for a killer souvenir*

Secretly took this sad, overdramatic photo before
I let him get out of the car at the airport.
Mark, I love you and cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories all about Spain and the people there and the culture and food and oh my goodness gracious do I wish I was with you!

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