A Tiny Traveler + The Quirk Hotel

A few weeks ago, Mark and I had a chance to go on vacation for a few days. Part of our trip was spent in Richmond, Va and we had the nicest time! Sometimes getting away for a few days is just what you need.

While in Richmond, we stayed at the beautiful Quirk Hotel. Guys, this hotel was a dream! I'm already trying to plan our next trip back so we can stay here again. The decor and design are just my style and the staff was so friendly and accommodating; definitely an ideal place to stay. Brace yourself for lots of photos and our travel vlog at the end of this post!


Apartment Tour: Midtown, Harrisburg

I am so excited for today's post because 1- it's all about our little home, and 2- its long overdue! We have lived in our current apartment for about a year now (July will be one full year) and I haven't shared any sort of tour with A Tiny Traveler readers yet because, to be honest, we just finally unpacked everything!

The closest thing to an apartment tour that you've seen was probably our 1-year anniversary photos. If you haven't seen them yet, you can check them out here. But even since then we've rearranged our furniture and things look a little different. So, enjoy a few snippets of our cozy apartment!


A Tiny Traveler + As of Latte

*I was sent these shirts in exchange for a review + all opinions are my own

So a few days ago I was in contact with a new company called As of Latte. I instantly fell in love with their mission and their products, because if you know me, you know I love coffee! After they sent me some of their comfy + stylish shirts to check out, I wanted to share a few photos and a little about their company as well!