Fall Favorites: My Must-Haves This Season.

Happy Fall! Today is officially the first day of Autumn and I am so excited. I can't wait for these temperatures to drop from 80 to 50. I started unpacking all of my fall clothes and I'm organizing our closet which makes me crave cooler temps even more!

Today I wanted to celebrate fall on the blog by sharing my "autumn must haves." Aside from the typical pumpkin pie, orange and gold leaves, and sweater weather here are things that I don't want to be without this season:

1. Scented Candles - I always need candles burning throughout the day. I probably go through at least 3 a month! This year I am burning Sweater Weather and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl from Bath & Body Works.

2. Plaid - I used to not care much for plaid but in the last year or so I've accumulated 4 different plaid shirts and I love them all! Madewell, Target, and Old Navy all have amazing plaid shirts and dress.

3. A good playlist - Don't have one? No worries. I made one that you can listen to right here!

4. Cute boots - I just got these boots from Target and I am in love. I really wanted a pair of duck boots but when I tried them on they made my feet look gigantic and I quickly scratched them off my wishlist. 

5. Fun books - I love books that are themed for a season or a certain type of activity! This book from Modcloth called "A Woman's Guide to the Wild" is so cute and perfect for an autumn camping trip. I also love trying new recipes in the fall and can't wait to get my hands on The Soup Club Cookbook to try some new soups!

What are you favorites and must-haves this season?


Blog Post Roundup

Keeping up with the daily blogging requirement for Bailey's Blogtember Challenge has been so difficult for me! I love the challenge (but I kind of think I'm failing miserably)! Today's prompt is a blog post roundup and I can definitely do that one :) If you're looking for a good read be sure to check out my favorite posts that I've read lately and a few that I've written over the last few months!

Favorite Reads:

+ Waiting For Restoration - She Reads Truth
+ A Day In The Life - The Life In Between 

Favorite Writes:

+ Summer Favorites (Still swooning over these shots from Paris!)


Christmas Countdown.

Just popping in to say that there are only 100 days until Christmas! I seriously can't wait :)

If you know one thing about me, it's that I love Christmas pretty much more than anything. I even went to Michael's craft store last week and had to refrain from buying some Christmas ribbon because its just a little too early. I'm in the "put the tree up and play the Christmas music as soon as the table is cleared from Thanksgiving dinner" category for sure! I can't wait to unpack the decor and send out the Christmas cards.

I was reminiscing about last year's Christmas (Mark and I's first married Christmas together) and started dreaming about this year and thought, why not share some of those memories and favorite bits with you guys too?

Below you'll find a collage of my favorite Christmas decor and trends that I plan to incorporate this year.

And now for a few lovely memories...

Anyone else excited for Christmas?