Weekends in the City with LuLaRoe

This last weekend was so nice! Mark and I were able to spend some quality time with one another and with some friends (things we both desperately craved!) 

On Friday evening we had to go pick up our car from my uncle's garage but beforehand we went for a walk by the river and got some treats at local Harrisburg places. I tried Iced Chai Tea Lemonade from Little Amps and it might be one of my new favorite drinks. So refreshing!

One thing that I find time and time again is the importance of having a comfortable outfit to spend the day in. I hate having to change multiple times throughout the day because I'm uncomfortable or not dressed up/down enough. Thankfully, this is where LuLaRoe comes into play! The whole weekend I sported several different looks from LLR and was amazed at how good I felt all day. My favorite piece is definitely the Carly because I can wear it with booties and a few pieces of jewelry and dress it up or I can go casual with a cardigan and sandals. Saturday we went to the Mt. Gretna art show with our friends Brooke and Tom and I wore the Carly with gold scrappy sandals. Probably one of my new favorite looks :) Another piece I really love is the Classic Tee. I wore it with LLR leggings (which are the softest things ever) when we went out on our walk on Friday and then again on Sunday when we had game night with some friends.

With LuLaRoe, you need to find a local consultant to shop with which I love because it provides women with jobs and ways to be entrepreneurs and also can create connections within your local community! My step-mom Sami is my LLR consultant and you can join her group here if you don't already have someone that can bring you the stylish goodness of LLR!

Shop my look here: 

Carly // Classic Tee (striped) // Leggings // Booties // Black Leather Slip Ons // Sunglasses // Brown Leather Crossbody // Printed Purse (vintage find)


An Impromptu Summer Dinner Party

A few weeks ago, Mark and I invited a few friends over to see our new apartment and to have dinner. Then it turned into a few more and all of a sudden we had a casual dinner party on our hands! Thankfully, I have a crockpot so I made a super easy BBQ pulled chicken recipe and added a few other dishes to make it a southern inspired potluck! I set everything up and welcomed our impromptu guests with Leon Bridges playing in the background. After dinner we played Taboo and entertained Charles and Tori's new puppy, Lucy. She was the cutest! Little moments like these make me so thankful for community.



The Importance of Having A Tribe.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you're completely exhausted both emotionally and physically by the end of it? Well that happened to me last week. I was a mess and try as I might I just couldn't internalize it. I was crying a lot and snapping at Mark and just not in a good mood. Then I remembered that I had plans to drive to Phoenixville with my friend Brooke to see some other friends that lived in the area. That morning I all of a sudden felt better! Mark and I talked about things and I apologized for being grumpy that week and Brooke picked me up and we started our day.

On the drive to meet Jessica, Brooke and I talked about married life and how (while it's absolutely wonderful and exciting) it can get lonely at times. Especially when you get married right out of college and then move somewhere new away from family or friends, it can take some getting used to.
Talking about this seriously was like a breath of fresh air, just knowing I'm not alone in feeling that every now + again. There have also been times where I do something that makes someone else feel left out unintentionally and it resonates with me all the more! I want to be intentional about relationships and committed to making sure that my friends and those close to me know they're important and not alone. 

It really got me thinking: we need people. I'm an introvert so there are days where I'll be perfectly content not talking to anyone for hours, but there are other days when I crave community and conversation and laughter. I think everyone does; it’s a part of being human.