A Tiny Traveler's Christmas Card + Cookie Swap

Hey friends, I have some exciting news! A Tiny Traveler is going to be hosting a Christmas card + cookie exchange! You're all invited to sign up and participate and in return get a Christmas card and cookie recipe delivered straight to you.

All you need to do is fill out the form below and I will send you an email with the name and address of your partner and you can send them a Christmas greeting as well as your favorite Christmas cookie recipe. Sounds like fun, right?

I wanted to do another swap again but something low-maintenance around the holidays. As a kid, I've always loved baking cookies with my brother and mom at Christmas time. She has the best sugar cookie recipe! For a fun treat you may want to even send your swap partner a cookie cutter or something else that's festive and fun, like tea or coffee.

Last year I wrote a post about some great Christmas cards I had bought and below are two more blogger friend's posts about great Christmas card options aside from the usual places like Target, Walmart, or Hallmark!

If you are going to participate, please remember that the whole point of this is to share Christmas cheer with someone and embrace the holiday spirit, so don't sign up if you're not going to send a card out too. Sign ups will close December 8th and cards must be in the mail by December 16th! 

Use the hashtag #ATinyTravelerChristmasSwap on twitter and instagram so we can all share in one another's cheer too!

Dressember: Make a Difference with a Dress.

I can't believe December starts tomorrow. How wild! It totally snuck up on me. I'm not complaining though because while I love the season of autumn, December is my favorite month (mostly because of Christmas). 

As well as tomorrow being the start of a new month, tomorrow is also the start of Dressember. You can learn more about it here. They're encouraging women to wear a dress every day of December to raise awareness and funds to fight human trafficking in partner with A21 and IJM as well as these other brandsI'm trying to raise $200 to donate to the foundation as well as participating in the challenge of wearing a dress every day for the month of December. I already planned to wear a dress to a baby shower I'm going to, 2 Christmas parties, and on Christmas eve/Christmas day so I have 26 more days to figure out! I'll be blogging some updates, styling tips, and a recap of the month as well so stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions for cute, affordable, and preferably ethical companies that sell sweater dresses let me know. I only have one! All my other dresses will have to be layered with cardigans and tights so I can stay warm this month. This is going to be so fun!

If you'd like to participate as well head over to my fundraising page for info and ways you can help. Plus all proceeds made from sales in my Etsy shop will be donated to the Dressember Foundation this month too! 


Winter Is On The Way

Over in in Eastern Pennsylvania, it's finally starting to feel like fall. We had one week where it was perfect and then all of a sudden it was in the 70s again. Weird!

This past weekend I think it finally dropped for good. We've been experiencing a lot of wind and temps in the high 40s (and some areas of PA even got snow)! This makes me so happy because it means I can wear cozy socks and sweaters every day and winter is on the way.

Aside from Christmas, there's nothing I love more than a cup of coffee or cocoa in my hands, bundled up warm, with a bright freshness in the air in the wintertime!

With the change of seasons comes the chance of style and that's something I can totally get on board with. In addition to all things cozy, I love the new Winter Collection from Warby and Parker. It was about time I got some new frames, so I tried out a few from the new collection as well as a few of their classic frames!

Their winter pallet makes me think of cozying up with friends and family, chilly mornings when you can see your breath, and the sun reflecting off of snowbanks. 

Warby Parker recently teamed up with Leith Clark for the second time on five new vintage-inspired frames. They incorporate rimless frames, filigree, mixed-material constructions (think: gold-plated titanium), and exposed screws. Leith took the classic silhouettes and exaggerated them. With this partnership, Warby Parker is donating to an organization dear to Leith, Girl Up. The United Nations Foundation’s campaign encourages girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities for girls all around the world. 

How cool is that?

I narrowed it down to two favorites, the Louise and the Laurel. What do you think? I'm almost sure I'll be sticking with Laurel, but I do love the color of the Louise as well as most of the other frames in the Winter Collection!

What about you? What are you looking forward to most this winter?

Also, be sure to take a look at their new frames for men and women and let me know your favorites!