Jessica + Nick

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, today I wanted to share some photos that I took over the weekend of my friends Jessica and Nick. I've been trying to practice my photography and editing skills and I'm so thankful they had a little free time to be models. I love how they turned out, and it especially helps because they're such a fun, sweet couple! 

Which shot is your favorite? I can't decide!


Ways To Say "I Love You"

Happy Galentine's Day! (Otherwise known as the day before Valentine's Day.) Over the weekend a few friends and I celebrated our 3rd Galentine's Day with a dinner party. Tori hosted and she had the cutest decorations and a heart shaped pizza and sparking raspberry punch. Yum! Spending time with friends is always a treat :) 

Today I wanted to share a few ways that you can let people know you love them, whether a significant other, friend, or family member.


Spiced Cold Brew

I am so excited for today's post. I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to make cold brew coffee, a recipe I know all the coffee drinkers will love! It requires only a few ingredients and a fool-proof method for making cold brew. I'm using my new cold brew coffee maker from Willow + Everett!