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We're Going Gettis!

1:58 PM

In about 94 days, Mark and I are getting married! I am so excited to say yes to a new adventure with him. Love has been such a journey and I've learned so much about myself and about him and about how to truly put someone else before myself. Wedding plans are slowly but surely coming together and with every day my excitement grows.

Being Mark's wife is going to be lovely. Not just being a wife, but being his wife. I look forward to waking up every morning with him and making coffee + breakfast together. I look forward to running errands with him, cuddling on our couch, staying up late and telling secrets, and learning how to make delicious dinners. I am excited to have people over to our apartment for get-togethers, figuring out how to pay bills + live married life, and making decisions with him. I know that there will be some days that we need our space (me especially, being an introvert) and we can figure that out too. We'll argue over silly things, but only because we care. We'll figure out how to be grown ups... eventually. I am just so excited to be Mark's bride!

Betsy took some of our engagement photos and today I want to share a few of my favorites! Be sure to check out her other sessions and work she's done in the past!

Thanks a million Betsy! I can't wait to be your sister :) 

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