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A Summer Bucketlist

9:26 AM

The past few years I've started multiple bucket lists. Mark and I have one for things we'd like to do and places we'd like to go after we get married, I have a list of places I'd love to visit with my friends, and now I've just created a list of things that I really would love to accomplish this summer. I've kept it short and simple because working a 40 hour week and planning a wedding take up quite an amount of time.

Also, today I realized that I have 100 days until my wedding, my 22nd birthday is in one week, and it'll be the 4th of July soon. To me, the 4th of July signifies the middle of summer. It may not actually be the middle, but it gets me moving. Okay, let me stop rambling and get to this bucket list of mine.

I decided to try and make it as fun as possible, so please enjoy my little doodles below!

And yes, I made this list while at work. We are slow today so I decided to doodle, hence the push pin, sharpie drawings, and cork board.

What kinds of things do you hope to achieve this summer?

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