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A Morning with Tinker Coffee

12:12 PM

Usually by Wednesday, I try to do something to give my week a little pick me up. This week I have the pleasure of testing out Tinker Coffee from a connection on Adproval. All opinions expressed are my own (and they're all good ones!)  I can't wait to share this coffee with you!

Tinker Coffee Co. is based out oIndianapolis and sells several different single origins of coffee as well as an espresso blend. I also got a cute little mug and some stickers. I loved the packaging and the prices are great for the quality of the coffee!

The roast that I tried this morning was the Sumatra. It's described as "tobacco, earth, and cedar" and has a very hearty taste. I really liked it and I made it in a pour over method. I added sugar and cream and it still tasted great! I love when coffees taste good both black and with things added to them. I definitely recommend you give it a try!

Tinker Coffee provided me with the pictured products in exchange for an honest review*

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