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2015 Goals + New Years Giveaway!

12:00 AM

I cannot believe that 2015 is here! I feel as if the past year just flew by! It was filled with good things, things that taught me life lessons, times for growth, and lots of smiles. God is so good to bring us through another year.

As I get older and think about resolutions and goals for the coming year, I think about all the times I wish things were different last year. What made me sad or disappointed or how did I grow. Overall, I think that my biggest problem was that I wasn't finding joy in the little things. I wasn't getting excited about things or my expectations were too high. So this year, 2015, my goal is to be more joyful. That includes continuing to be thankful in all situations, seeing the good in situations that may not seem that great, and being kind and happy towards others even when I am unsure of myself or what's happening in life. I will also pray and read my Bible more to continue replenishing that source of true joy. On top of that, I want to stay healthy and fit for my upcoming wedding. (Yes, a story about the proposal is coming!!) I want to drink more fresh pressed juices, eat more vegetables, and exercise more. Your health is very important, so I want to keep it at the front of my mind. Limit pizza and french fries (boo) and eat more natural ingredients! I will feel so great!

Today I also want to bring you a giveaway with a few of my blogging friends! It's perfect to start off the new year, because you'll be winning a blog planner, some fun little accessories from Modcloth, and a "Cheers" banner from Ash's Party Accents! These items are perfect to bring your office space some organization and sparkle. See below for entry details!

"Cheers" garland

Blogging Planner

Here are a few of your sponsors! Be sure to check out their blogs!

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