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Let's Get That Christmas Spirit Going!

9:01 PM

In my opinion, once Thanksgiving starts anything related to Christmas is acceptable. All bets are off the table, and the decor and music and snow can begin at any moment for me. In fact, on my drive to Mark's family's house for Thanksgiving I set one of the stations in my car to the Christmas music station. I love this time of year.

Yes, oh yes. I love Christmas time! Tonight I had a little Christmas dinner/gift exchange with two of my best friends. We decided that we could't wait another week, so we made bean burritos, chips and salsa, Christmas tea and cookies, and cranberry spritzers!

It was so much fun (and in my opinion the perfect way to start the month out)! I am so thankful for these ladies and spending a little time with them before finals week was so lovely.
It was completely impromptu and we ran outside and grabbed a branch
for our "tree" and made some tea and cookies!

Love these ladies!

Our gifts!

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