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Brewed Awakening

7:00 PM

This afternoon I took a little break from my studies to check out this new cafe in Royersford called "Brewed Awakening". Mark, Christian, and I all met up and went to the new spot. It was so cute! I can definitely see a few more trips there in the near future. The atmosphere was fantastic and the latte and biscotti I ordered were so tasty, not to mention reasonably priced. If there is one thing I enjoy more than good coffee, its good cheap coffee. Yep, I am a bargain hunter. 
Anyway, back to my little adventure. The walls were painted a burnt orange and embellished with chalkboard design. The artist in me was swooning! The light fixtures were paper lanterns hung throughout the cafe which gave it not only a creative feel, but a modern one too!

The owner chatted with us for a few minutes and he made us feel welcomed, where as if we were in a chain coffee shop, it'd be in and out with not much conversation. I cannot wait to visit again. It was the perfect Tuesday afternoon!

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