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Fall Welcome Week with A Savory Feast

11:40 PM

Hello beautiful autumn! How I've missed you; a year is far too long! 

This week I am teaming up with A Savory Feast and some awesome ladies to welcome fall to the blogging world (although it's been here since the last days of August. Thanks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Today I want to share a fun little tutorial on how to make an autumnal banner! It is perfect for any room in your home and adds the perfect fall touch to your decorations.

What you'll need:
-Fabric/felt or canvas of any kind (Preferably neutral or autumn colors)
-Twine, yarn, or string
-Hot glue gun or fabric glue
-Fabric markers/paint (optional)

Take your primary fabric(s) that you want the base to be made from and cut them into 4 inch triangles. 
If you want them to spell something then you can cut out letters from extra fabric and use the glue to secure them on the triangles (or just paint the letters on).
Next, after the glue/paint has dried, you can use the glue gun to glue the triangles to the string. 
Make sure that you have about 5+ inches of string on each end so that you can tie the banner up. 

I've included a few different examples that I found online that you may want to model your bunting off of! 

Which banner is your favorite? 

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