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Lessons, Learned.

11:05 PM

The end of my 2nd year of college is officially over. I am now a Junior! How awesome is that?? After two years of doing the whole "college deal" I've learned a thing or two. (Alright, honestly I've learned a lot more than one or two things. I could probably write a short essay. But I won't. Because school is over). I made a bunch of new friends, learned some great information in my classes, and realized what I'm capable of as far as homework stacked on a social life stacked on little sleep.
I ended the semester with average grades (not what I was shooting for, but that's where the lessons learned come in) and I'm going to start making a list now of what I shouldn't repeat next semester.

1. Don't go to bed every night at 1am! Especially when you have class the next morning at 8am!
2. Learn to say "no." If you have an essay due that week, limit socializing so that it gets done BEFORE the last second.

3. When you hear about a project, start thinking about sources and topics. Don't assume that it'll be easy and you can get it done in two days. You probably can't without staying up late the night before its due.
4. Stop drinking coffee at 6pm, otherwise you'll be up until 1am for no particular reason.
5. Tell the boyfriend when you've got assignments and spend time with him as a reward for getting work done. It seems kind of strict and a little lame, but I probably would've had better grades if I wasn't hanging out every free moment I had.
6. Eat a healthy diet. Heavy, sugary, starchy foods won't help me concentrate in class, so why eat them. EAT MORE SALAD AND FRUIT!!
7. Call mom once a week (at least) for some encouragement and to keep her filled in.
8. Make a schedule. Set due dates before the actual date the assignment is due, that way if anything happens, it won't affect your grade.
9. Reward yourself for completing things on time. Get ice cream. Watch a movie. Blog more!!!
10. Pray! (this one is probably the most important). Pray for guidance, self-control, motivation, and perseverance.

Those are my new guidelines/rules/bits of common sense that I need to keep in mind for next semester. I want to bring up my GPA and that means I need to study and get work done and get more sleep so I don't skip any classes!! And with that, I'm going to bed. 

Sweet dreams my lovely readers!

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