Embracing the Adventure: Guest Post by Caitlin

Change in life is never easy. Even for me who loves new changes and adventures! I genuinely enjoy having new opportunities for change in life. But that doesn’t always mean it’s a walk in the park. Life is full of adventures. But they are just that; adventures.

All adventures have some difficulties. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Adventures of Curious George. Adventures of Tintin. All of these are epic tales of adventure that each has their own hiccups. Well. Maybe curious George isn’t that epic. But you get my point! They all have bumps in the road and that’s what makes them adventures. Risks. Challenges!

My husband and I moved to Texas from South Carolina just a few months ago. And boy has it been an adventure! I grew up in North Carolina and the moved to South Carolina for college. South Carolina is where I became an adult and made my own life. And started my life with the hubs. It was more home to me than my childhood home was. I had settled there. Pretending the move was easy would be such a lie. Don’t get me wrong. I was excited to move to Texas! And now I am certainly happy to be here! But even good change is hard. So hard. Our first few nights here I seriously laid in bed sobbing because of how much I missed my friends and home and job back in South Carolina. Here I didn’t know anyone. I’m a very social person. It felt like this separation would kill me. Then after only a few weeks of living here the hubs was sent away for nine weeks of training! Ugh! There was no one! I had to make this place feel like home on my own! And I did. I struggled. But I did. (Lots of wine and ice cream was involved) Now he’s home and we were able to spend the holidays with our families back in NC and SC and all was wonderful. We’re settling back into creating our routine and looking forward to whatever adventure may come next.

Needless to say change is difficult. Even if your change isn’t moving half way across the country. Maybe it’s a change in career. Or possibly a change in lifestyle! Even good changes are so hard sometimes. They can make one feel so isolated. I think the best way to embrace the changes in life is to look at them as adventures. They are new opportunities for exciting moments! Chances to meet new people! Or to see new things! Or to learn new things! Lots of prayer too when these moments become difficult. Our God is an amazing comforter and will comfort His children when asked. Isaiah 40:1 says, “‘Comfort, yes, comfort My people!’ says your God.” And at the end of the day, find your favorite Netflix show (because as we all know; life is ever changing but God and Netflix will always be there for us. Hehe!) and pour a glass of wine or your beverage of choice and just enjoy the moment! In these times of big change enjoying the little moments adds up! Or even just taking a walk around your neighborhood because it’s a pretty day. Or treating yourself to that Starbucks drink you love that it doesn’t even make sense how they got that many calories in a cup so small. Just enjoy every second you can! Because before you know it, it will all change again. That’s what life is about! And our fighting it isn’t going to make it any easier!

What are some tips you have for life changes? What makes them easier for you?

Caitlin blogs over at Collectively Caitlin. She lives with her husband in Texas and also blogs for a site called Welcome the Uninvited. You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram!

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