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Travel Tips for The Long Haul.

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I'm just loving these guest posts! Here's another scheduled post while I'm away enjoying marital bliss with my new husband! I cannot even believe I'm saying that. "My husband." Yay :) -Natalie

International long haul flights can be a lot of fun, but they can also be exhausting and stressful. Today I wanted to give you a few tips and things to think about when you are preparing to take an international long haul flight.

Check flight time, new time zone, etc. and plan accordingly.
Long haul flights are usually over 10 hours. That can be exhausting and then you arrive in a new country and you have to stay awake when you want to sleep or you should sleep when all you want to do is stay awake. It is important to plan around this so that you can try and beat jet lag and a mix up of time. I used to fly between Australia and America a lot. This was a difficult long haul since the flight in Australia left at 10am (AEST) and then arrived in Los Angeles at 6am (PST). I found it very hard to sleep on that flight and so was always exhausted once I arrived at L.A. and had to stay awake for the rest of the day. One piece of advice I was given that worked really well was for me to stay awake the entire night before flying out so that once I got on the plane for 14 hours I was able to sleep for most of it. I then was able to be refreshed and ready for the day once I landed in L.A. in the morning.

Take walks around the plane.
Long haul flights are usually taken in large planes. Take advantage of this and walk around the plane. This will give you exercise and help break up the monotony of sleeping and watching movies the entire trip.
Take advantage of the free snacks and drinks.
This was always my favourite part. Free food. On the flights I have taken there has always been free snacks sitting in the galley of the plane. Take advantage of this and when you get up and go for a walk or go to the bathroom grab a snack and a drink or even better grab a bottle of water. Have that with you so that you don’t get hungry. Also, those snacks are usually way better than the meals you get on the plane, plus they are free.

Have something to do.
Last but most definitely not least, have something to do on the plane. Don’t rely on the entertainment system. I have found that they don’t always work the best and sometimes there is just nothing worth watching. Always take something of your own. Some examples include a book, a journal, travel board games, crossword puzzles, iPod or Mp3 player or a colouring book.

I hope you enjoy your long haul flight. Do you have any other advice for those taking long haul flights?

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