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October Golden Vlog.

3:05 PM

Hey friends! I am back in the blogging game after a lot of sleepless nights and wedding prep, our wedding and honeymoon, and then getting settled in to our new apartment this past week. Today I wanted to just sit down and join in with some of the wonderful ladies that are hosting the Golden Vlog Series. I've joined in several times before but had to take a little break because of all that I was juggling and it feels so good to be back! So, let me get started.

(Oh and please be sure to check out the other videos that bloggers have submitted as well as the hosts' vlogs as well!)

Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist

Today, the topic is "Insecurities." I am glad that the topic is something I can share my heart on because I've really been needing some time to just open up lately. I think that it is so important to be vulnerable at times and open yourself up to growth, wisdom + encouragement from others, and just to hear the thoughts and feelings out loud. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Today I'm going to talk about anxiety and the fear of missing out.

October's Questions:

1. What is your biggest insecurity?
2. How long have you struggled with it?
3. Do friends and family know about this insecurity?
4. What do you do to overcome it?
5. What advice would you give your younger self  or anyone else struggling with their own insecurities? 

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