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Go Nuts At Your Next Tailgate Party!

2:51 PM

Hey friends! So I'll openly admit that I don't really know anything about football. I love watching it because I get the point, but I don't understand the technicals and the flags that get thrown and all that jazz. I've been to plenty of tailgate parties and Super Bowl parties, and I can tell you that my favorite part is usually the snack table.

At a typical tailgate party, there is a table hiding somewhere (in the living room or the kitchen, maybe in the rec room) that is filled with delicious, oily, cheesy snacks. Usually pizza, buffalo chicken dip, chips + dip, and burgers. While these foods are alright in moderation, it's important to make sure you have some healthier options too, because let's face it... when the game is on you're not monitoring how much you're shoveling in!

So what do we do about these snacking issues? What sorts of new snacks should we try to keep us from eating our weight in buffalo dip? Have no fear! I have a delicious suggestion. Try some mixed nuts or a bowl of trail mix, or even dried fruit. Nuts.com has a fantastic selection of snacks, baking ingredients, and coffee + tea! You can order organic snacks, gluten-free snacks, and even buy wholesale! Sounds pretty great for a tailgate party if you ask me. You definitely need to try them out.

Plus, their packaging is THE cutest and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That's one thing I always end up looking for in companies: great packaging and high-quality standards.

Oh, and just so you guys are on the same page as me, I'm not being paid for this post or anything like that. I just wanted to share a great find with all you tailgaters out there. Enjoy football season! (and if you have any yummy snack ideas for tailgate parties please leave a link or recipe in the comments below! I would love to test them out!)

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