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Lessons Learned Through Different Travels.

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Today we have the third guest post while I am away on my honeymoon. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get Mark + I's travel updates too! Enjoy this post about lessons Jacky learned while traveling near + far from home.

Hi!  My name is Jacky and I'm a creative lifestyle blogger over at Do It For The Irony, where I write about my creative journey, art and how I manage my lifestyle for growth!

Before I nestled into my current busy life of school/work/blogging/art...

I grew up with the opportunity to travel to different places.  Local or abroad, I enjoyed just being in different settings.  You can rememebr what type of person you were, when you traveled to a particular area.  For example, I visited the UK when I was in the "hipster clique".  So it was this big mix of taking cliche "indie" pictures and avoiding cliche "tourist" events.  So strange!  But these are the types of things that I love to look back on and learn from.

Here are some of the lessons that I keep in mind.  Shows you how much travel benefits you on a personal level!

From local travels...

I've been doing a lot of local travel lately, which is a lot unlike me.  The thought of exploring the local area in depth did not really occur to me.  You'd be surprised at how many tour guides, boat/bus tours, museums and art tours there are locally.

Lessons learned:  Even your local world is huge!  You don't need to go far to realize that the world is huge.  Sometimes it helps to know that your issues are small in this world and that life goes on.  There is a lot more out there to be thankful for, so take advantage of it.

From far-off travelling...

I've met a lot of people who have never had the chance to travel to a different country or even be on a plane!  I started travelling abroad at a young age, so it was something that I took for granted, for sure.  It's something that I'm very thankful for now that I've grown because being exposed to different cultures has an amazing impact on my personal compassion/priorities.

Lessons learned:  Learning from different cultures and appreciating them is very important.  And not even in a way from you taking advantage of it.  When immersing yourself in another culture (whether physically or through studies) separate the novelty of it.  Like, we think about how we're going to post things on instagram or stories to tell friends.  Just be.  You'll learn more, in my opinion. Just enjoy the time you have to learn and experience different ways of life!

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