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A Trip to Amsterdam

8:30 AM

While I am finishing the last few touches to the wedding, getting married, and on my honeymoon, I'll be having a few different guest posts and scheduled posts. Here is one of the first in the guest series! Enjoy! -Natalie

I've been to Amsterdam over 20 times already. I've lost the count and I couldn't actually care less. It became kind of my old world, a place to feel comfortable and free: I love old fashioned architecture, the café culture and feeling that you won't be judged if you're wearing something different than the classic jeans and white tee. The laid back people and the city vibe make me come back every year for once minimum, and no: I'm not here to get stoned in a coffeeshop all day ;) Amsterdam is way more than this.

After taking the free ferry from Amsterdam Centraal, the main station, I was already on the other side of the city, Amsterdam Noord, whitin 5 minutes. If you can I would reccommend you to take a rental bike with you, in order to discover the area much more than I did by walk. A couple of minutes later, I found myself between a huge industrial quarter, and was a little scared to might have stepped out in the wrong place. But this feeling was gone pretty fast, because if you look sharper in between the warehouses, you can already discover a couple of hidden cafés and secondhand furniture stores in between. My walk ended at the very urban and hip NDSM Wharf. It's a colorful explosion of streetart everywhere, creativity can be felt and smelled and the sea breeze is actually a delight. If you need a stop, there are two big restaurants near the water, Noorderlicht and pllek, located pretty close to each other. Noorderlicht is in a round shaped warehouse, pllek instead is made of containers and has a big beachy waterfront area, where I had a delicious Sicilian house wine despite the cold. 

It was impressive to walk around in a district which is so different from the Amsterdam I know. I totally loved my visit to Amsterdam Noord and I really hope to be able to enjoy it on a sunny day.

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