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What To Remember When Searching For Life's Best Experiences

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The second addition to A Tiny Traveler's guest bloggers comes from Heide! We'd love to hear your thoughts and your own travel tales in the comments below! P.S. Keep us in prayer as Mark and I enjoy a week across the country in California for our honeymoon!

Heide Padilla is an engineer, financial adviser/entrepreneur, and blogger from Kintsugi of LifeShe is a coffee-addict, bookworm, and an adrenaline junkie who loves to travel. She thinks that the best experience when traveling is when your heart starts beating like a hammer, whether that's because you're jumping off a cliff or meeting the cutest boy.

Two Jeepney rides, two bus rides, a little argument, and a crazy looking dispatcher--those are what my boyfriend and I encountered on our search for the so called most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines. One of the world’s most popular coffee shops expands again and opens up another shop at Tagaytay city, which is a favorite tourist spot in the Philippines because of its cold weather and most beautiful view that’s overlooking the mouth of a volcano in the middle of a lake, which is also a volcano.

When we heard about this a couple of months ago, we kept telling each other (my boyfriend and I) that we should go there, and, finally, on a Saturday, we were able to make some time for a little adventure. There were already a couple of Starbucks coffee shops around Tagaytay and we’ve been to all them so we were very curious and excited because we wanted to know what made this Starbucks so special to even deserve the title.

So we hopped on from one jeep to another and rode two more buses. To be honest, we didn’t really know where we were heading because we’ve never really been that far in Tagaytay. We only checked Google maps for its location and hoped that Waze App won't let us down. Unfortunately, because of the altitude and the road being away from civilization, internet signal on my phone went down. And at one jeepney stop while waiting for a bus we've encountered a crazy transportation dispatcher who was swinging around a long plastic pipe. At one point, he smashed it on the ground and the tip of the pipe snapped and came flying right on front of us about two feet away me. When I looked at up at the dispatcher, he was eyeing me with a scary look. I clung to my boyfriend's arm and hid my face on his shoulder. Freaky! (Note that dispatchers in the Philippines don’t use computers. They stay on the streets shouting and calling passengers to direct them to which vehicle they need to ride to get to their destinations).

When we finally reached the most beautiful Starbucks, my expectations were too high that I ended up saying, "Meh, it's alright." It's not so different from other Starbucks shops I've seen before. The ambiance was the same, the color theme of dark cozy wood brown was the same, and of course the coffee was the same. But it did have an advantage because it was new, away from the city's noise, right beside a cliff, and had a nice view of a lake.

So, was the little adventure worth it? Heck, yes! But not because of the coffee shop. It was totally worth it because of the experience. In finding life’s best experiences, it’s not always about getting to where you want to be. Sometimes, you don’t even reach your destination. You might even go for a different route that will take you somewhere else and the experience that you’re expecting will be a whole lot different. A lot of times the best experience is in the adventure that your trip brings you while you are on your way there. And the best experience is if you’re sharing it with someone special.

 Every moment of your life is a once in a lifetime experience. Every second of it will never happen again. So just go for it and enjoy every opportunity even if you think it’s not worth it. At some point, it’s always worth. As long as you remember and cherish the right moments of it. You might already have experiences that you regret, but when you look back at them, there are moments in them that will make you laugh. That is what makes it all worthwhile. 

So, do what you love. Do what you want. Do what you are afraid of and conquer. Define what you think will be the best life experience for you, and just go for it.

You can follow along with more of Heidi's adventures here!

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