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That Perfect Vintage Dress

6:50 PM

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting a friend from Tumblr in real life! It sounds a little crazy to me (and I'm sure would freak my mom out if it were 2001) but Brooke is seriously the cutest, sweetest, most down to earth girl I've met in a while. She's totally cool and has great style too :)

I "met" her on Tumblr probably a year ago. Meeting someone on Tumblr usually means you follow each other, have similar taste, and have exchanged a few messages at some point. Tumblr is like, its own culture that I am still trying to figure out.

I realized that she and I live in the same town and we've passed one another a few different times, so I went out on a limb and asked if she would like to get coffee. We met up at a local coffee house and chatted for hours, walked around Phoenixville, and then got ice cream! It was so much fun and I'm so glad I decided to swallow my shy-ness and actually meet her. And of course, I took a bunch of photos and had to blog about the afternoon.

When we met up the first thing I noticed was Brooke's outfit. It was the cutest vintage dress, shoes and bag and her hair was recently cut into the most edgy-chic-indie cut and oh my goodness  I just loved it. It made me want to run to the salon and chop mine all off again! (Although I promised Mark I would wait until after the wedding). 

Brooke is such an inspiring person. We both have hearts that long for adventure and travel and we talked about how weird it is when life brings us to seasons of waiting for something to happen. Last summer she traveled around with Warped Tour, which is awesome. This summer however, she is living in her home town and working at this super fun salon until the next big adventure comes (which I think it might be on the way). Talking with her and sharing similar views about seasons of life, relationships, the internet in general (because let's be honest its awesome but weird) was just what I needed. I am so glad that I have a new friend!

Look at those shoes! They're the cutest. When we finished our little "photo shoot" we went to get ice cream at the local ice cream parlor and decided to be adventurous. I seem to always end up getting mint chocolate chip. It's my favorite and I always get it but I wanted to try something new. She said that we needed to get the craziest flavors possible, so we settled for mango and cherry vanilla. Pretty crazy, huh? I was proud of myself for at least trying something new. Maybe next time I'll get a wild flavor....or maybe I'll get mint chocolate chip. In any case, I'm excited for the next time we hang out! 

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  1. Tumblr really is its own culture! ha. This is so cute, I'm glad you two got to meet!

  2. It really is Kaeleen! Haha Do you have a Tumblr account?

  3. So cool you can meet people on Tumblr! Love the outfit!

  4. Isn't it the cutest? I want to go out and get my own vintage dress now :) Haha

  5. I do! It's the same url as my blog

  6. I love it when blogging leads to new friendships! :) I found out that a couple of my readers are coming to my school in the fall, so I'll definitely have to take them out for ice cream, too!
    Great pictures, Natalie! :) And i'm glad you two got to meet! :D