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Looking For a Good Read?

2:47 PM

So today I just wanted to highlight some of my sponsors as well as share a few of my favorite posts I have read/written in the past couple of days! Every now and again I wonder about the side bars of some blogs. Are these projects they've started, their friends, paid sponsors, blog communities? So I thought it would be a good idea to explain my side bar in case any readers had similar questions!

On my side bar this month I have The Wetherills Say I Do, Dipped In Rococo, You, Me, + Chewy Makes Three, and The Lain Archives. I'm also featuring Simplicity Relished and Fotostrap as well as the communities that I am a part of with other great bloggers!

Now it's time for the relaxing stuff. Grab a cup of your favorite tea and read along with me!

+Try the Recycled Wreath DIY from The Lain Archives!
+Learn how and why you should truncate your blog posts from Madison!
+Check out some of Tess's accomplishments this year!
+ Kasia's beautiful photography featured in the Branicki Palace!

In case you missed it (and need a refill of tea), check out some of my favorite posts on A Tiny Traveler this month!

+Life is too short for anger.
+Our engagement session taken by Betsy Gettis Photography.
+Meeting someone new and taking pictures of her gorgeous vintage dress.
+Free samples for Poise liners (perfect for a bridal emergency kit!)

If you would like to be featured here on A Tiny Traveler, it's not too late! Click here for more information. I'm also always up for guest bloggers! I also started a newsletter today! If you want to start getting a monthly email (don't worry, I won't spam you) then sign up below!

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  1. Oh, great links! I've read Madison's post (so good!), but I need to go see the engagement photos!!

  2. Thank you for reading Jenna!