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life, lately.

12:36 AM

It's time to play a little catch up with A Tiny Traveler!

This past week flew by, but at the same time it went by so slowly. Anyone else ever have one of those weeks? In addition to recapping my week, I want to link up with Ember Grey for Grateful Heart Monday! Not only am I thankful for the things listed below, but I'm also thankful for blogging and link ups. It's a great way to express yourself and your thoughts, as well as meet lots of new people with some of the same interests!

mark and i's valentine's date in Brooklyn.

getting coffee with friends in philadelphia at ReAnimator Coffee.

a little reminder that even though life is tough,
you can get through it because you're tough too!

trying out some red lipstick.
(also there was just a blizzard and the next morning it was 50 degrees.
i don't understand PA's weather lately)

So, like I said this past week was nice but busy, and the past month just seemed so long! February is usually like that though, it just keeps on going. As it comes to a close, let me share a few things I am thankful for.

Mrs. Gettis. Her birthday was on Sunday. I am so blessed to be getting such a wonderful mother-in-law!
Mark. His birthday is today! I am so glad that he's in my life.
My mom. She has been such a help with school and wedding planning the last few months. I love her so much and all her advice and support.
Donuts. I seriously love donuts and can't give them up. 

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  1. happy birthday, mark! what a cute post- you two are adorable! and love donuts. the best. have a great week natalie!

  2. Who doesn't love donuts! I'm glad you had a great week, I hope the same for this week as well!

  3. That's a good quote and reminder. I like the red lipstick :)

  4. You look fabulous in red lipstick. (And yes, always yes, to donuts!) I LOVE the 'you are tough' reminder (I pinned it) :) I hope Mark had a great birthday!!

  5. Thank you Emily!! I plan to try and wear more lipstick, it makes me feel so lady-like! And Mark had a great birthday :) We went to dinner with friends!