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Leftover Blooms.

8:30 AM

Good morning friends!
Today I am going to be sharing some fun ideas with you all of what to do with your leftover flowers from the Valentine's Day weekend (or any leftover flowers, really).

My favorite thing to do with flowers after they've been in a vase for a few days is pick out my favorite blossoms and dry them. It's very simple. All you need is a paper towel, string or a ribber band, and a thumb tack.

Pick your favorite blossoms from the bunch and dry the stems off with a paper towel. Next, wrap the stems close to the base with the rubber band or string. Then place a tack in the wall where you want to hang them and slide the rubber band/string over the tack, making sure everything is secure.

I hung mine next to my bed so I can see them every morning. 
What's one way that you preserve flowers?

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