February Gold Vlog Linkup

Hello lovely readers! Man, this week I've been blogging like a fiend. I think it's because I have a fifteen page paper due on Friday on a topic I don't understand very well so this is me procrastinating. (If you have any knowledge or tips on writing a paper about the sociology of marriage and family structure, let me know.)
Today I am linking up with Faith and friends for her monthly vlog series. I've been trying to vlog more but I've been so busy so this link up has been my only attempt at logging lately, but I'll get back into it after I write this paper. Hopefully.

(I don't know why I went off on so many tangents.)

This video's questions:
Where did you grow up?
What state did/do you live in? {If you are comfortable saying}
Do you have siblings?
Do you have a nickname?
Did you have a pet growing up? If so, what was it?
Do you have any favorite stories from childhood?
What did you think your life would be like when you were older?
What is your most embarrassing memory?
Tell us your love story and what your plans are this Valentines Day.
What's your favorite Valentines Day Memory?

I apologize for the terrible editing of that video and the sleepy confusion that I have. Anyone else have days like that? Where you're exhausted but can't take a nap and you start to not make sense?

You can link up here if you're joining the vlog series this month!


  1. I'm so excited that you joined again. 4 siblings?? I wish I had more than one. I love big families. :) I love boxers! I embarrass myself all the time too. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Oh there's no better blogging time than on the eve of a huge paper being due! My only tip for you is outline like crazy and utilize the research librarian!

  3. you are so cute!! hope the paper went well!

  4. Thank you Faith! :) I always enjoy it :)

  5. Thank you Nelle! It was a little tougher to write than I thought, so maybe next time I won't procrastinate so much!

  6. I do NOT miss the days of 10-15 page papers. I hope yours went well! I'm sure it did. :)

    Have you found a venue yet? I've been following your search on social media and I'm really, really hoping that you both find something that works perfectly! I know you will eventually, but it's so hard to be in the in-between stage.

  7. Thanks Leah! We haven't found one yet, but we are visiting one tomorrow that looks promising!