A Tiny Traveler Vlog: Instagram + Exciting News

Hello readers!
Below, I share some exciting news about wedding planning as well as an explanation as to why I am taking a small break from being on the administrative team for The Peony Project. 
I also am sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts as well as tips and tricks to improve your IG game! Let me know your thoughts.

Accounts you need to check out:
Improve your IG with Summer!
Get a better feed: tips from A Tiny Traveler.
Instagram perfection vs. Real Life: Alisha Nicole
Instagram Filter Tips with Elizabeth on Oak + Oats
The Peony Project can be found here!

And here is a sneak peek of our venue:


  1. Aww I love your blog and your new vlog. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. Thank you so much for sharing. I have followed the accounts you shared!

  2. I'm so so glad you were able to find a wedding venue! YAY!

  3. Ehi @onewomanfulfilledFebruary 25, 2015 at 7:17 AM

    Congratulations on getting married Natalie! I recently joined the Peony Project and yes, its been very helpful and inspiring. Thanks for the Instagram accounts, I really like @brookxxmiller's photos! I'm praying for you to have the wedding of your dreams and a very successful marriage. God bless you!

  4. I can only imagine how beautiful your photographs of this day will be!

  5. Everything is going to be at this venue, Leah. This photo is where the ceremony will be and then off to the side and behind where the photo was taken is a bigger part for eating and dancing :)

  6. I was hoping you'd say that. It's too beautiful!