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So as many of you know, A Tiny Traveler is all about adventure and travel tips and pieces of my life. I've reached a new point in my life now that I'm engaged and it seems like it's all I can think about! I love it but I'm also a little worried because my last semester of school starts back up next week and I worry it will be a distraction. So before college starts back up again, I decided to write a few little "tributes" if you will, about my dear friends who have recently gotten engaged!

The first one that I want to share on the blog is Kimberly Stevens. Kimi and I have been friends for about seven years and we've been through so much, thick and thin. I am so thankful that I can call her a friend after high school horrors, new college experiences, stress, and growth, and being apart from one another for months at a time. When she told me she and Thomas were engaged I couldn't stop squealing! She and Thomas have been friends since middle school and deep down I always felt like they'd end up together, although Kimi denied it once when I brought it up. 

She told me all about the proposal and it was so clever on Thomas's part! Kimi loves Eos chapstick, so when they went for a walk one day, he offered her some and when she opened it, there was her ring!

And here they are, ready to become Mr. and Mrs. Swanson! Kimberly I am so very happy for you and Thomas! So let me just brag a little bit and throw the spotlight all over her. 

Follow her engagement and marriage with the hashtag #simplyswansons on instagram! You can also follow her on twitter and instagram. (Seriously, she's fantastic).

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