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The Liebster Award

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Today I am writing about kindness. Kindness can show up at any time from anyone. And that's what's beautiful about it! You could just be out running errands and some one may hold the door for you, smile, or help you with your bags. For me, I usually see this type of kindness at church and that saddens me. As Christians we are to treat one another with kindness, always. And believe me, it can be hard. Especially when it's a person that you may not really like, or a stranger that isn't really being kind themselves. 
Take a moment and think of all the times a friend, family member, or even complete stranger was kind to you. How did it make you feel? Especially around the holidays, when everyone is rushing around and trying to make ends meet for the perfect Christmas experience, we have to remember to be kind! God tells us to treat one another as we would like to be treated, and I think we all like to be treated kindly.

Another thing I want to write about today is The Liebster Award! I've been nominated before, but today I want to answer these questions and give any new readers a bit of an update. Samantha from Moving Peaces nominated me. Thank you Samantha!
The award is all about kindness and getting to know other bloggers. If you've never been nominated, consider yourself nominated now! (You're supposed to tag 5 other blogs, but I want to extend this to all my blogging readers!) The word 'liebster' means sweet, kind, or lovely. Samantha, you're especially kind to have nominated me, because I wasn't expecting it and we're almost complete strangers! Thank you!
Here are the questions:
1. How did you decide on the title of your blog?
I chose "A Tiny Traveler" because I love traveling and adventure and I felt like this could be a place where I document it all. It turned into a place where I do just that, as well as share some recipes and DIY's and stories from other readers and their travels! 

2. What one word sums up the heart of your blog and why? 
Authenticity. I've been striving to be as real and genuine as I can when I blog. I hope that my heart is conveyed in an authentic manner and my blog encourages someone or makes them think. I want it to accurately display who I am, without all the fluff and competition that the blogging world can sometimes hold.

3. What’s your favorite pastime other than blogging?

I love to cook, paint, and spend time with friends. Lately I've been realizing how much I really like to entertain and invite people over to my apartment to make dinner, watch movies, or just hang out and have coffee!
4. What is your favorite aspect of blogging?
I love that I can make my blog however I want. It's like my own personal creation and creative space. 

5. Which recipe, project, or idea on my blog would you most like to try yourself? (What is a post you have liked written by the person who nominated you?)

Samantha, I really like this post, well page. I love all your thrifty finds!! So cute :)
6. Where does your blog inspiration come from?

My inspiration for blogging comes from a combination of other blogs that I love, my own ideas and experiences, and what I aspire my blog to be. I am always thinking of new posts or wanting to do my own version of one that I've seen on Pinterest. That's what I love about the blogging world, you get to be as creative as you want!
7. What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?
I would LOVE to visit Ireland. Or really most of Europe. I've wanted to go to Ireland ever since I was a child because I'm part Irish and every picture that I've seen has been beautiful and I just want to spend a week there embracing the culture, people, and landscape.

8. If you have children, what are their names? If not, what are your favorite boy & girl names?
I don't have any kids. I'm not even married yet! I really like the names Asher, Charlie, Genevieve, and Lydia.

9. A long lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?
Well... honestly... I'd go Christmas shopping. This year I am having a tough time making ends meet and I really would love to just have a pile of cash dropped in my lap! (Who wouldn't??) 

10. In your opinion, what is the best blog post you’ve written so far? (Include the link!)

Hmmm... I don't really know what to put! These questions are always hard for me. I guess this post is my favorite: In The Shadows of my Heart
11. What is your favorite food? 

I love potatoes and pie! And seafood! And mint ice cream! (basically carbs)

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