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Tiny Traveler: Meagan

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This post was originally posted on Meagan's blog, Beautiful Things. Today she is sharing her travel tips and experiences from a trip that she took to Paris. How lovely!! Let her know what you think and if you have any other tips for traveling to the city of lights, be sure to comment!

Before I dive into full re-caps and give you all the details of our adventure in Paris I thought I would share some travel tips for those who are planning a vacation to Paris. Love when blogs share advice when it comes to travel--so here we go!

one.) If you are choosing to work with a travel agent and they give you a list of hotels to choose from check them out for yourself! This might seem tedious but our travel agent suggested hotels that were not in the location we were interested in--we actually took up a suggestion from a family friend on a hotel and asked our travel agent to book it! Such a dream location--email me for details. It was walking distance from beautiful gardens, the Louvre, and tons & tons of shops and cafes.

two.) Totally recommend the Paris Pass it covers transportation, a bus tour, entry into basically ALL of the museums and lots more. It was a definite bargain--of course we didn't have time to do everything but we would need a six month vacation to make that happen.

three.) Travel light. If you are staying for a week or less there is no need to check luggage unless it's winter and you need those bulky warm clothes. This will free you from worrying about lost baggage and it makes the airport experience that much smoother.

four.) Be willing to try new things. The food is SO delicious...baguettes, croissants, cheese, lasagnas, espressos. Don't just be safe and hang with McDonalds the whole trip.

five.) Research day trips! Friends had recommended we take a day trip to see Mont Saint Michel so our travel agent booked us a deal and it was gorgeous. Just enough time to enjoy every little bit of this part of France.

P.S. Travel agents can be helpful--but it really is more fun if you do the research yourself!
Anymore tips to add to this list?!

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