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Tiny Traveler: Kaycie

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Hey Everyone! My name is Kaycie Vanden Top and I blog over at Life is a Highway. I’m so excited to be guest blogging for A Tiny Traveler! A little about me: I’m finishing up my college years at the University of Valley Forge majoring in Youth Ministry. I love coffee, I love the beach, I love adventuring and I love talking to people and learning about their lives.

Today I’ll be posting for you guys on the idea that sometimes the greatest adventure is only a short walk or drive away. When I think of adventure, the first images that come to my mind are ones of far off lands and castles somewhere in Europe or beaches in the Caribbean. This is probably what most people think of when the word adventure comes up.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have about as severe of a case of wanderlust as you can have, but unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to match. Something that I have truly discovered in the last couple of years is that you don’t have to go to a different country or to the other side of ours to find adventure. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to find things to do right in my backyard. A few weekends ago I ventured into Baltimore with my boy and we just simply explored and had a great time! These little day trips and spontaneous adventures are a lot of times the ones that are the most fun! Here are a few tips to help you find adventures too!

1.    Do Some Research!
A lot of times if you just type into Google “things to do in (insert your town name)” you will get some good results! A lot of towns these days have websites that have an events page. I’ve found tons of things to do through this method from yard sales and pumpkin festivals to outdoor movies, a lot of community events are often posted on websites like this.

2.    Go to the Park!
This is something that I absolutely love to do. Find out what the local public parks are in your area and head on over on a nice afternoon. Grab a book and sit under a tree and read, have a picnic with your sweetheart, or head over with some friends for a game of Frisbee. Local parks are around for these reasons, utilize them!

3.    Buy Local
I’m all about supporting your local businesses. A lot of towns have one road that’s all small local businesses and others have scattered. Everywhere you go there are business owners who have lived in the area for a long time and who have stories. Sometimes these are the cutest little shops too. Also, local coffee houses are way better than Dunkin or Starbucks. Hands Down.

A couple other things that you can do include things like going to the mall if it’s cold and rainy, heading over to your local library to find a new book, checking out any national parks or lakes and reservoirs that are near you, and heading to local concerts. If you want to get out of your own community a little more, you can also do research on things that are in the areas surrounding you. These things might include sporting events, beaches, hiking trails, public swimming pools, sledding hills and all kinds of other things that are fun and not budget-breaking. If you live near a large city, head into it on a Saturday via train (more fun than driving) and see what cool things you can discover while walking around! I encourage you, get out into your community and find something fun to do right near you! You can have fun, meet new people, and save money all at the same time!

What do you like to do for local fun? Is there a favorite spot that you like to go?

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  1. Love this post on local fun! I'm definitely learning to enjoy staying put by visiting new places that are in my area.:)

  2. Great post Kaycie!! I'm feeling inspired to exploring some of the bordering towns here. :) The other weekend we went to a flea market, Soltane Breads, and browsed around the farmer's market under the bridge. It was my favorite saturday morning since we moved to Phoenixville!

  3. Fortunately, Lexington (KY) is getting a lot of new and local restaurants that our unique to us. I love it because it means exploring more! I've been here all my life but I'm still surprised to find places I never knew existed! We also head to Cincinnati a lot because it's not too far away!