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North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland Book Review

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Have you ever heard of Blogging For Books? It's this great website that has an awesome of collection of different books available for bloggers and social media fiends to have the chance to try out and review. 
I recently received "North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland" cookbook. It is written by Jody Eddy and Gunnar Karl Gíslason. It is also Amazon's #1 best seller in the Scandinavian Cooking, Food & Wine section. 
I thought that it was really interesting and had amazing photographs of different places in Iceland, as well as great interviews with chefs, fisherman, and other people who live and thrive in Iceland. The recipes however, were on a more advanced level. They either had unique, expensive ingredients or were foreign to my cooking knowledge. I'm not sure if I will ever venture out and try making one of these recipes, but this cook book is definitely one that I'll flip through often, if just for the beautiful photos. Below are a few photographs of the book, as well as my review that I wrote on Blogging for Books.

"Recently I had the pleasure of reading through North. It is a cookbook featuring the Nordic cuisine of Iceland. There are a variety of recipes in different categories, as well as amazing photography that captures the food and the country in which it is prepared. I fell in love with the culture merely by flipping through the book. There are a few interviews with fishermen, chefs, and bakers all who contributed to the book, which were full of life and eye-opening truths about their way of life. I really enjoyed it, but the more I examined the book the more discouraged I got. There are a lot of recipes, yes, but they're all for either expert chefs or someone with a large budget to get exotic or pricey ingredients. In addition to the ingredients for these recipes, you need to have a wide array of taste buds to enjoy what you end up cooking. If you don't like fish, you probably will have a hard time enjoying this cookbook. I love fish and trying new things, so I am willing to take a swing at trying a few things, but for your average at-home cook, I would look for something a little closer to home, or just use this as a fascinating and beautiful coffee-table book!"

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  1. I love hearing about new cookbooks :) This one sounds fascinating-- I've not been a fan of nordic food in the past but the photos here make me want to give it another try. Let us know if you try one of the recipes and how it turns out :)

  2. This looks like such a beautiful cookbook!

    I have a Korean cookbook that is very much the same - most of the ingredients are very hard to find.

    It's still fun to look at though! haha :)