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Lace + Burlap Product Review

8:25 PM

Have you heard of Lace + Burlap? They've been hanging out on my sidebar for a little while now, so if you haven't clicked, go click! It's a jewelry company created and expertly run by my friend Kristen (also the author of A Classy Fashionista).

She started the company almost 3 years ago on her own and has watched it grow into a successful business. A part of her proceeds go to Project Rescue (an organization that I love) so I want to rave about Lace and Burlap all the more!

 I had the privilege of getting lunch with Kristen a few weeks ago and just chatting about her dreams and ideas to have L+B grow. It was so inspiring to hear her heart and see her eyes light up as we talked and she mentioned the beginnings of the company and where it is now. I was able to travel to NFAF 2014 in Columbus, Ohio in August this past summer and we had so much fun. She was so personal and sweet to everyone that stopped by the booth and seeing her passion was so inspirational!

At the Fine Arts award ceremony. Kristen had the privilege of being on stage and
promoting her business in front of 9,000+ people!
Getting ready to travel to Ohio!

The Lace + Burlap booth!
I own a pair of earrings and a pearl necklace that she made and they are so durable. I've owned them for a few months now and they're still in great condition and go with so many different styles!

L+B pearls can definitely add the perfect bit of charm to any outfit!

 In addition, she just released a few new items including the Ella Tassle necklace that I adore!! Go check it out and support her awesome business! 

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