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A Tiny Traveler: Lindsay

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Hey everybody! My name is Lindsay and I’ll be guest posting for Tiny Traveler today. A short bit about me; I run a health based blog called Homemade Health, I attend college for youth studies, and I enjoy new experiences. As of late these new experiences brought me all the way to Northern Ireland on a mission’s trip, which is what I’m here to tell you about today.
I’ll say that this trip was more like visiting family and working together rather than serving strangers, it was very relationship based. I went with the expectation I would be working hard to do whatever they needed and by the end of the trip I would need to charge my spiritual and physical batteries big time when I got home, not so. Journey Church’s philosophy was that we were coming to provide them with the manpower they didn’t ordinarily have to pull off a huge kids week, and in return they were going to charge us spiritually like we don’t experience a lot of places in America.
Our team experienced God like most of us have never seen! There were many prophecies, some healings, and all kinds of freedom. All week people kept prophesying over me that I was like sunshine or a lighthouse and it guided people to Jesus in their times of trouble. In conjunction with that there was always something about my kindness, sweetness, and willingness to do just about anything for God or anybody. This was also so perfect because while my life was coming together the lives of some of my teammates were being broken down and God removed things from their lives that were hurting them.
I also learned I had a knack for Treasure Hunting. I had learned of it a few years ago but never had anyone to go with and I finally got my chance on this trip. Briefly stated, treasure hunting is praying and asking God for words of knowledge, we would pray for about five minutes for clues, compare notes to see if any of us got the same clues and go in teams of four to find the people they related to. The first day two of us were looking for yellow shirts with black writing and we found him in a fish and chips shop up the street. Then the next day three of us all set off in search of the same red shirt, this person didn’t want to speak to us, but it stopped us from moving long enough that another treasure on my map (pink printed shirt, long brown hair) actually approached us and asked us for prayer! Since I did so well I was encouraged by my Irish friends to continue to hunt in the U.S. So I’m looking forward to treasure hunting while I’m at school, hopefully with some friends.

The friendships I formed on this trip are like none other I’ve ever had. They formed so quickly and they grew in strength every moment we spent together, both with my team and with our Irish family. My roommate and I spent almost every night talking until we fell asleep and we hadn’t even been friends prior to the trip. One night another girl from our trip came and joined us for a visit and we stayed up until the sun rose at 4:30! I’ve found myself just anticipating seeing them again back at school because I miss them. As far as our Irish friends go, I sobbed when we were saying our goodbyes and I cried at the airport. None of us wished to leave and it was so hard to let go, I find myself tearing up just writing about it.  Two little girls I made good friends with asked their Mum just a few minutes after leaving us when the Americans were coming back. I was so privileged to meet all these people, from VFCC, Ohio, and Northern Ireland.

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  1. Natalie, these guest posts are so awesome! I really really loved reading Lindsay's story. :) such a beautiful refreshing description of her time in Northern Ireland

  2. I love this, Lindsay! It's so cool to see how God takes our expectations of something, and makes it even better than you can imagine. Treasure hunting sounds pretty cool too! :)
    Thanks for sharing your story.