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Tiny Traveler: Summer Konicki

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Hey there friends!

My name is Summer and I blog over at Coffee With Summer. I am a young lady the age of twenty one, who loves God and loves people. I am a blogger, dancer, encourager and overcomer. I am all about living an authentic lifestyle, celebrating the little joys in life, and encouraging others to be passionately themselves.

I am very excited to share my view on something that is extremely important in the world of a traveler.

Before You Venture Out:  Prepare
"Prepare? That's silly! That takes all of the fun out of adventure! Adventure is always supposed to be carefree and spontaneous! Live your life to the fullest! Be free! Oh, wanderlust! Be free!"

Let's be real. I am sure you have gone through or are going through this adventure-esque type stage of life. Or maybe the urge of wanderlust hits you really hard one day, and all you want to do is pack a suitcase and go. Does that sound like you? I know that definitely sounds like me somedays!

Even though spontaneity is healthy and good for the soul every now and then, let's not let ourselves grow naive to behind-the-scenes of adventure.
"Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul." - Jaime Lyn Beatty
Now before you start mhmmming and amening - pause for a moment. This quote is very true, but I think the most important piece to the puzzle of adventure is missing.
And what piece is that? The logical piece.
Yes, jobs fill our pocket - but don't you need money and other necessities to travel? How else would you be able acquire those things if you didn't work for them? When I start to daydream about certain things in my future including traveling, I'll often whine about wishing it could be now. I'm thankful for my boyfriend Michael, who always reminds me of this fun little saying.
I know that sounds boring and slightly annoying, right? But don't let that saying get you down. Use this time to prepare to make your future fun - even more fun than it would be if all your trips were spontaneous. I promise that when you put the extra time and effort into investing for your future travels, you'll come to find that you'll appreciate those times of discovery even more.
Now I am not an expert at traveling by any means, especially since I am still in the preparation stage, but here is my bit of advice to those with a heart yearning to travel. (This goes for myself, as well).
Work hard. Build a quality, admirable work ethic.
Make goals. Know the details of what you want to achieve.
Research. Learn different ways to budget and find a method to stick to.
Save up. Tuck that money away and before you know it, it'll be time to venture out.
Enjoy. When the season of preparation is over, venture out and have the time of your life.

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  1. That saying is so true! I keep reminding myself that if I put in the effort NOW, I will be able to travel and enjoy life later.

    Have you ever read "I Married Adventure" - Luci Swindoll? It is an EXCELLENT read! :0)