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high five for friday*

7:45 AM

Yay! It's finally friday!
Today I am linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth blog and sharing 5 of my favorite things that happened this week. Click the "High Five for Friday" button at the bottom of this post to join in on the fun!

1. Getting to spend some quality time with friends on Tuesday was so great. I got to go shopping with Kimi and her boyfriend Thomas and got an amazing deal on a dress at the Loft for only $20! Then I went to a ball game with the girls. It was so fun!

2. Mark came home from the Dominican Republic on Tuesday night :) Wednesday we spent the morning together before I had to go to work. It was so nice to spend time with him. He told me all about his missions trip and showed me, like, 800 pictures of the people and places in the DR. I could tell he loved it and it was such a blessing. 

3. I got to babysit and do some arts and crafts with my little sister which was so much fun! We painted flowers and used the end of a celery stalk for a stamp.

4. On Sunday VFCC's traveling worship team Pneuma came to RealLife and I got to have lunch with some of my friends. I am so proud of them all and the great job that they're doing as worship leaders and camp counselors. It was such a blessing to see them for a little.

5. Finally, I am so thankful that my Grammie is doing alright. She went to the hospital yesterday after suffering a mini-stroke. She is in stable condition but they're running tests on her and checking for diabetes, etc. I praise God and thank him for keeping her alive and healthy. This was a sort of wakeup call for her to stop sitting on the computer so much and eat healthier! I've been missing her a lot lately and it was a wakeup call for me to start visiting her more. I am so thankful that she is doing okay. Thank you everyone, for your prayers and support for my family. We really appreciate it!

What great things have you done this week? What are you thankful for? Join us for the High Five for Friday weekly linkup now!

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  1. Sounds like a great week! It really flew by for me, I can't believe the weekend is here again!

  2. Loved this!! The painting looks like so much fun! A celery stick?? That's creative. Glad to hear your grandmother is doing well. Scares like that with family are so scary!

  3. Glad to hear your grandma is doing better! : )

  4. I love this series idea, it's fun to keep up with! And the idea of painting canvases while babysitting is super cute; I might have to try that with the kids I sit for!