A Tiny Traveler Book Club (try #2)

So a few months ago, I attempted to start a book club with Beth Moore's "So Long, Insecurity" but it kind-of sort-of didn't get past the first two chapters. This semester has been an emotional roller coaster, physically a health frenzy, and a schoolwork storm! BUT HAVE NO FEAR! I started up again this morning and I am prepared with... *drumroll please* ....chapter three!

So if you are still hanging onto the book, flip on over to chapter three and get reading! There were a few parts that really stuck out to me and I will reference them below, but I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section. Beth refers to false positives toward the second half of the chapter. This is a very important point that she makes. How often do we compare ourselves to others and the things we compare to are what we think makes them happy? These are false positives. We feel like we'd be happy if we were thinner or had more money or we were married like the other happy ladies in our life. What we don't see is how they may look in the mirror and hate their hair, or wish they had your creative eye, or how unhappy they are with their car that breaks down every other month. We never see their insecurities laid out on the table. We see these false positives and we think that they're what can take all our insecurities and dissipate them completely. Beth explains that when we picture someone who we think has it all together, the one thing that sticks out above the rest is usually the false positive; that thing we think will make us secure in all things. Things like:
-job certainty
"No one solitary thing on this entire planet has the power to secure everything else... although we may have something unhealthy deep inside us, those in whom Christ dwells also have something deeper." I liked that part in the chapter. I think I even audibly said "yaaaaaassss Jesus" if I'm being completely honest. We are often so focused on the problem and the issue and, "what can I do to be better and fix this?" that we often forget, we have a Hope for healing. We have the ability to run to the One who can make us feel complete, and that's what I'm excited to learn as we continue Beth's book.

That being said, here are a few of her points that I made note of. They really spoke to me and I would love to hear anything that you have thought about this chapter or any of her points and your take on them!

"Nobody's unbreakable here on this planet. Only the dead don't bleed when they're cut."

"If you happen to be thinking that average looks are the problem, they're not. An injured soul is the problem."

"I won't argue that a good man and a good marriage can't vastly enhance a woman's sense of well-being, but you can mark my word on something: if a woman is married to a man who somehow feeds her sense of inadequacy, she has double the issues of her single friend. A bad marriage can make you feel worlds more insecure than her single friend... The answer is to deal with the insecurity, believing that everything God says about us is true."

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