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my dear friend.

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My roommate is great! I'm starting to realize how God works to bring two friends together in the most unexpected of ways. Jessica and I met last year when we were both at an Inspire meeting and we both felt called to volunteer to carry on the ministry after Courtney and Aubrey graduated. We began to train and work together and started to become friends. Then we became roommates with Tori, and we became the three amigos, the three musketeers! I love them both so dearly. While I was coming down with all my little illnesses two weeks ago, Jessica stayed by my bed and tried her best to nurse me back to health. She was so caring and attended my every need. She has such a servants heart and I love that about her! God has blessed her with such a caring and loving spirit! 
I just wanted to take a little moment and say thank you to you Jessica. You are such a blessing in my life! I totally creeped on your Instagram feed today (I'm running out of things to do, being bed-ridden and all) and I realized a few things about you. Isn't that funny how after only a few minutes of looking at some of your posts I can see all these great things about you? It's because you're so authentic and not afraid to be who God made you and who He is continuing to make you.

Have you met Jessica?
Jessica is a health nut in the best of ways. Yes, she does have a sweet tooth but who doesn't? She is a gluten-free, vegan and loves every minute of it. She and I make such yummy green shakes and vegan soups and pizza!
green shakes*

 Jess also loves adventure. She is a tiny traveler in all sorts of ways! She went to Chicago over the spring break and took some awesome pictures. She lives in Maine and travelled all the way to Pennsylvania to go to Valley Forge Christian College, and she goes on some sort of missions trip at least once a year. Her adventuring spirit is contagious and when the weather gets warmer, we will for sure be going on lots of little trips together :)


Her trip to Haiti last summer*
Jess also has the spirit of a child. I mean that in the best way! I do too; people often tell me I giggle like I'm five. We both love puns and cheesy humor and we both make each other laugh so much. She also has this innocence about her that is so beautiful. I don't mean that she is sheltered or anything like that, but she more often that naught sees the best in people or at least the potential that they have to be better. She is so fun and I love being silly with her!

My best friend also loves art. Yay art! She loves to paint and lately has been experimenting with oils. Quite a patience-provoking endeavor but definitely rewarding when you see the finished products! If there's paint or creativity involved, Jess will be there!
Jessica's favorite piece from a museum trip*

At an Inspire art party*
two of Jessica Lee's pieces*

Isn't she so wonderful? Go be her friend please! If you haven't already, check out her instagram here and her twitter here and go follow her lovely blog, Adventures of A Wild Thing, right here!

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  1. This was so incredibly sweet!! I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have a friend like you. Thank you for taking the time to write this! xoxo