right before my eyes.

So it's come down to this. I'm live blogging as I undergo my transformation. How exciting! Sitting in this chair has given me time to think. Watching my hair change color right before my eyes is quite an interesting experience. And it causes me to wonder: why do people fear change? Life will never be still, it will never be constant. Everyone is always moving around, making new discoveries, trying something new, making an advancement. And they cannot be avoided. Change isn't all that terrible, especially when you learn to embrace that it's inevitable.

Change is inevitable. We should look at it with excitement and think of all the things that we could do to make a difference, no matter how insignificant. Changing the  world seems to be a common goal for many people...but they're afraid of haircuts or tattoos or new jobs or new schools. Maybe these small little changes will open a door for a bigger change. Or maybe you'll meet someone who is going through a similar change that shares a common goal as you. Now you can work together to make an even bigger change! 
I'm rambling. But I'm also just sitting here watching paint dry. On my hair. And the paint is bleach. Oh my gosh, I'm blonde. 

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