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twelve days of christmas: day two.

4:36 PM

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers!

For the artsy ones:
Make this DIY Art Rollup from Rajovilla
How about a lovely painting of  peacock to hang in the hallway? More artwork found here.

You can never have too much Washi tape as a scrapbooker or collage maker!

The tea drinker:
I {love} this Alice in Wonderland tea pot! So cute!

And of course a mug! These monogrammed ones are so cute from Anthropologie.

And spiced pomegranate pear tea? Mmmmm!

The baker:
*a beautiful baking collection

The comedian:
too funny!
Dino cookie cutters! These are so fun.

Hope you find something helpful! They're all pretty nice gift ideas.

And for my second day of appreciation, I want to spotlight my mom. She is pretty much perfect. My mom (Marlene) always puts her family first, and while it can really be taxing, what with 4 kids and a job and all, she does a fabulous job. 
She's all about healthy living and strives for her family to be as healthy as they can too! She is a vegan, and while half the family still eats meat, she makes sure we get our fruits and veggies and always, always, always pick the better option. She's full of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to life and its ups and downs. I can't thank her enough for the countless nights where I've cried to her about school or boys or confusions with my faith, and she never once gave up on me and the plan God has for my life. 
I absolutely love my mommy :)

She is so beautiful too and I hope I look like her when I'm her age. Mom is super fashionable and the most beautiful thing about her is her radiating spirit of love and faith. She lives by Proverbs 31 and I've never been more inspired to do the same. I thank God every day for her and I hope she knows how much I love her.

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