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twelve days of christmas: day six.

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Today's goodie:

Gift wrapping ideas!
These are a few pictures of how I decided to wrap my presents for family and friends this year and I'd like for you to share in my idea. Go ahead! In my opinion, wrapping gifts is one of the best parts about giving them :)

So if you like my presents feel free to use the same wrapping splendor.

I also went festive with my toenail polish! I love Christmas. 

Now, it's the wonderful time of appreciation. 
Thank you, pets. 
Yes you read right. 
Those of you with cats, dogs, bunnies, or any other cuddly creature in your homes know exactly what I'm talking about. They're there for you when you want a snuggle buddy. They're as cute as can be when they lie in your lap (or on the floor if they're too big!) Those of you without cuddly pets can appreciate them too! Fish are so pretty! And interesting. How do they just swim around in the same little tank and still seem so perfectly happy. And reptiles? They're so creepy, but very cool. If I find out that you have a snake or an iguana, I immediately respect you more. I mean, you're constantly living with danger; THEY COULD EAT YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. But you have no fear. You're so cool.

So yes, pets. I've had good ones and bad ones. I just love animals :)

My friend Kimi has 2 baby turtles.
Our kitty Nala (before we gave her away. Sadness.)

The Gettis's dog , Casey (before he passed away. He was such a great dog.)
A blurry picture (and the only picture I have) of the Gettis's new puppy, Oliver! 

And these pets that I wish I had: 

Too cute :) 

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