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twelve days of christmas: day seven.

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Today's post is a combination of a gift and an expression if appreciation to all my dear friends with blogs. Below, I will have links and little blurbs and people who have made or make a difference in my life, whether through being a role model or a friend. Enjoy the bits and pieces that I have to share about them and make sure you check out their blogs as well!

{Christian Laliberte}
You can check out his blog here.

Boyfriend's friend and roommate, VFCC's worship drummer/team leader, my friend.
Christian is a man of many talents. He's probably the funniest person I know, he is a cavern filled with innumerable  facts about superheroes and classical films/compositions (at least to me anyway), and he is a very talented and ever improving musician. I am so blessed to call him my friend. We only met a year ago, but I feel like he's one of those people that were supposed to be a part of my life. He is the perfect amount of crazy, sarcastic, smart, and hilarious to make the best kind of friend. Thanks Christian :)

{Summer Konicki}
Check out her lovely blog right here!
Summer Breeze Konicki. One of my best friends. She is incredibly sweet and encouraging on her blog and has tons of great posts. Check it out! She and I met freshman year, lived together last year, and this year (although kept apart by super busy schedules) have grown close. I am so thankful that God brought her into my life. She and I are so similar and understand each other so well. I truly think that everyone needs a friend like this. You don't even have to say anything, and they understand how you're feeling, whether good or bad. Summer has such a big heart too. Her dreams are endless and her faith is strong. God will definitely use her for big things! I love you Summer and I'm so thankful for you :) Enjoy your holiday season!

{Betsy Gettis}
Her blog, Heavens to Betsy, has been featured a few times her on A Tiny Traveler, and for good reason! It's magical*
If you haven't read my post of gratitude towards Betsy on day one, read it here. I am so blessed to have found a friend in my boyfriend's sister. Betsy is such a blessing and I love her so very dearly! :) I can't wait to spend Christmas afternoon with her and her family.

{Courtney Rees}
Specks of Light is so inspirational and artistic. It's everything I aspire my blog to be!
Court is the most gorgeous, angelic, sophisticated lady I know. She inspires me to dream big and never stop being creative. She has already written a book and taught in Argentina! I know God is going to continue to use her for big, big things. She has such a beautiful and gentle spirit and I am blessed to know her. Courtney, I hope and pray that wherever you are in the world, God always shines His favor on you and that you're never afraid to take a leap into His plan and promises. I love you and miss you oh-so-much! Merry Christmas!

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