adding color

Okay guys. This is big! 
Bigger than my sidecut last summer. 
Bigger than cutting 12 inches off my hair in the winter. 

I think I want to dye my hair...purple. 

I've seriously wanted to have either light blue or purple hair since I was 13. No lie. And now I really want to. Its short and drab and I don't want to cut it again, so I was thinking "why not?" I love experimenting with my hair, and if it turns out bad, then I can just dye it brown again. No big deal, right?

Its my hair and I want to have fun with it! Let me know what you think. I got tons of negative feedback before my sidecut and short cut but I loved them both after I went through with it (and so did the people who doubted it would turn out nice!) ;)

So please, let me know what you think. I need opinions and critiques, but use kindness. Or don't. I don't want anything vibrant or neon. Just a soft color accented by either grey or blonde.

1 comment:

  1. Oh oh oh oh please do it!! I don't ever have the courage to do anything fun with my hair but I've always wanted to try it so you should lead by example :) I think it would be oh so pretty on you! (not that there could ever be anything not pretty on you)